Street Painting: Corporate

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Murals of Baltimore has been contracted to produce street paintings for a variety of clients. We are able to produce work that will highlight a client’s product or event in such a way that the visitor or audience will never forget. The studio works closely with the client producing a series of examples so that the client will have the piece of mind that they will be receiving the highest quality street painting possible. Our various and unique styles is easily adapted to an advertising campaign or event.

The studio uses various techniques such as one point perspective (or 3D), graphic design, and tromp l’oeil to produce images that are striking and exciting for viewers of the pavement art. We work for various print, catalogue, TV, film, video, advertising, and product placement ads. In the past we have gone on tour creating a series of street paintings for the Black Eyed Peas, created advertising street paintings for Carnival Cruise Ships, McDonalds, Honda and others.

Murals of Baltimore can produce street paintings during an event or produce a painting directly on a canvas that can be installed on site. In either case we will create a work that the client will always be pleased with and that the audience will remember forever.