Street Painting: Copy

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Street painting has a very long history. During the Renaissance in Europe artist would travel in their countries working in local festivals. They would visit various towns and begin a street painting of a famous religious painting trying to receive donations and hospitality. This art form is still very much alive in Europe especially in countries such as Italy and Germany. Street painters have various titles such as Madonnari, Strassenmaler, Efemero, Callejero, Pavement artists, and such.

Supposedly the founder of Renaissance painting, Giotto, was discovered by Cimabue while he was creating a street painting in Florence. Another story tells of how El Greco was able to arrive in Spain by traveling through Southern Europe creating street paintings for tips. There are many similar stories of other artists creating street paintings. The oldest known photograph of a street painter is of an artist in London.

There has also been a long history of street paintings in Aztec and Mayan cultures where artists would grind flower peddles into pigments and create drawings in front of temples to invoke rain.

Murals of Baltimore hopes to be added to this long list of historical events in street painting. We can copy any style of painting for any event. The studio has produced copies of Michelangelo, Renoir, Warhol, Giotto, and other famous artist for events, inaugurations, and art festivals.