Founder: Michael Kirby

The Founder
The studio was founded by Michael William Kirby and has over 16 years experience creating public and private work. Mr. Kirby has studied mural painting in Italy and Mexico.

The Artists
Our artists have studied at various academies in Europe and North America. With our wide range of experience and expertise we are able to guarantee longetivity for all of your creative needs.  Whether your needs are for a decorative tromp l’oeil effects or a monumental fresco, we will be able to create the highest quality work with the most effective material available. Our artists have completed work for various clients in the United States and around the world including countries such as Mexico, Italy, Germany, Colombia, and many more.

The Mediums
We take great pride in letting our Clients know that the majority of our materials for our projects are hand made in our studios. The majority of the plaster that is used in our fresco and decorations are aged and mixed at Murals of Baltimore. Our paints such as oils, watercolors, pastels and frescos are made in studio using the highest quality pigments on the market. If a client wants a particular color mixed to their specifications we are glad to accommodate.